Ramadan For Kids (Part 1)


Part 1: 5 Tips for Celebrating Ramadan with Kids

As a Muslim revert, I’ve experienced celebrating Christmas with all the excitement and fanfare before I embraced Islam…

And now raising 3 young children while living in a non-Muslim country, I do miss the experience of celebrating a holiday as part of a collective whole. The anticipation and atmosphere is prevalent everywhere you go during the lead up to Christmas.

Movies and T.V shows with Christmas themes feature on every channel. There’s cheerful Christmas songs streaming in shopping centres, the dazzle of decorations everywhere you look and the lure of presents on Christmas day.

It’s no wonder that children find it so appealing! Muslim children included.

While we both know there’s no need for comparison between Christmas and Ramadan, in the eyes of children who aren’t living in a Muslim country, there automatically is.

Unfortunately sometimes Christmas can seem like a huge party that they’re not invited to!

“Children need to not only be told about
the importance of Ramadan, but they need to 
see and feel it’s importance too.”

Although they may understand the importance of Ramadan, the fact is that on the outside it doesn’t have the same appeal. Because when you’re living in a non-muslim country, outside of the family home or mosque, life appears to go on as normal. Children need to not only be told about the importance of Ramadan, but they need to see and feel it’s importance.

As Muslim parents and educators, we need to make an effort to bring that same sense of excitement and joy to the celebration of Ramadan and Eid.

Ramadan is a month of such beautiful significance and this can easily be presented to children in a way that is fun and visually engaging through the use of decorations and activities to get them involved.

I know for some of you though, crafting is just not your thing. And searching for all the right reference, activities and materials can be time consuming…

So, I’ve created a list of 5 ideas to bring excitement and joy to your Ramadan celebrations, but that’s not all! Each suggestion comes with practical tips, shopping links and templates or printables.

You’ll be able to download the printables mentioned at the end of the post.

So let’s get stuck into it!

1. Start With A Plan!

Ramadan is a special month that encompasses more than just fasting and it’s important to explain to children it’s significance. Make them aware of the added reward for good deeds performed during this month and why it is such a unique and valuable time.

Help them to see Ramadan as a whole month full of opportunity and reward, that is then followed by 3 days of celebration! Then sit with them and create a plan and discuss some goals that they can try to achieve during Ramadan.

This will encourage them to get the most out of the Month and see if they are taking full advantage of the rewards on offer.

For younger children set a couple of small goals, such as helping out at home or fasting for a short periods (wait until they’re at least school aged and encourage fasting only for times that are appropriate for the age of the child, eg. 1 hr, or skip a snack).

Then consider adding 1 larger goal, like learning a new dua, short surah or listening to Quran every night. Write these down on a Ramadan Goals Chart (available in the FREE Ramadan Ready Kids Pack) or help them to create their own.

Older children can use a journal or scrapbook to record their goals, thoughts, activities and progress, either with written words, drawings, stickers or collage. The journal can be added to each year or start a collection of journals.

It’s great for children to be able to look back and reflect on these and see how far they’ve come.

Ramadan-Goals-Chart-For-KidsIdeas for goals that you could include:

• Reading Islamic books
• Donating a toy
• Helping someone
• Feeding someone/sharing a snack
• Helping with chores around the home
• Saying something nice to a brother/sister/friend
• Memorise the Arabic alphabet
• Learn about/memorise some or all of the Names/Attributes of Allah
• Learn about/memorise a specific surah, ayaat or hadith.
• Learn about/memorise a duaa
• Read/recite the Quran
• Read or listen to stories about Prophet Muhammad (awas), the companions or other Islamic stories.
• Pray Taraweeh/Tahajjud/Witr etc every night

2. Set The Scene. Let’s Decorate!

Whether you buy them or make them, decorations are a great way to add a sense of excitement and atmosphere.

But before you get carried away, set a side an area to decorate that won’t get in the way of your daily routine because remember, it will need to stay up for the whole month!

Making decorations can be a wonderful way for children to participate in getting ready for Ramadan and it allows them to add their own personal touch.

Paper pom-poms or lanterns are a better alternative to balloons which will deflate after a couple of days and leave your kids feeling a little deflated too after all their hard work.

Work around a theme or colour to co-ordinate your decorations. Popular themes for Ramadan include lanterns, moons, stars and Islamic patterns.

Fragrances are a great way to set the mood and over time you and your kids will associate that fragrance with Ramadan and I’m sure it will trigger some beautiful memories. So choose a special scented candle like Musk, Oudh, Rose or Fig that can become the “signature scent” for Ramadan that you burn each evening.


Some decorations I love are:

  Ramadan-Type-Wall-Art   Ramadan Cookie Cutters  Ramadan-Lantern-Set

ramadan-decoration-star  Ramadan-Decoration-Stand

3. Use A Ramadan Calendar or Tracker

Children love feeling a sense of achievement, hey let’s face it, we all do!

So help them visualise their progress with a chart or calendar that they can use to mark off each day during Ramadan. It also helps them keep track of how many days left until Eid.

To get the most out of the calendar try to incorporate a lesson, task or activity that can be completed so that even if your child isn’t fasting, they have a goal to accomplish for that day.

You can find a variety of handmade calendars available or DIY options and we’ve included a Free printable Ramadan Tracker (shown below) in the FREE Ramadan Ready Kids Pack.

Don’t forget to praise your children for their efforts each day and offer encouragement.

 Some Ramadan calendars I love are:

Ramadan Calendar Handmade beginnings   Ramadan calendar Knooz   Ramadan Tracker stickers

4. Break Fast Together

Make the occasion of breaking fast an event that involves your children. Have them help out with the preparations such as setting the table, handing out dates, monitoring and announcing the time to break fast, or getting prayer mats ready for Maghrib and watch their excitement and anticipation.

This will also help to distract them if they are eagerly waiting for iftar with the inevitable “is it time yet?”on repeat!

Included in the FREE Ramadan Ready Kids Pack is an 8″x 10″ Print that can be framed and used to show the time for iftar each day.

Ramadan Ready Iftar Islamic printable


5. Make Mealtime Special

Giving your children their own special placemat to use for suhoor and iftar is a great way to help teach them duas for breaking fast.

You can easily find the duas online and print them out on a piece of A4 paper. Then have them decorate it and laminate or use clear adhesive contact, like what you use to cover kids school books, to protect it from mess and spills.

Or even better, use the free Printable Placemat template included in the Ramadan Ready Kids Pack. It already has the duas included and is ready to be coloured in and decorated!

Other festive items for the table:

Ramadan is such a special time with so many benefits on offer. It’s also an especially good time to teach Muslim children important Islamic values in relation to one of the pillars of Islam.

I hope you and the kids enjoy the tips and inspiration. As promised, you can access the printables discussed in the link below.


I’ve put together this free printable Ramadan Ready Kids Pack for you and your family to enjoy!

It includes printable items for the topics discussed and you’ll receive the following digital downloads:

• Ramadan Mubarak Flag Banner
• Ramadan Calendar For Kids
• Ramadan Iftar Countdown Print
• Kid’s Ramadan Goals Chart
• Duas for Breaking Fast Table Cards
• Decorative “Ramdan Mubarak”  8″x10″ Print
• Colouring Place Mat
• Decorative lanterns

Add some fun to your Ramadan celebrations…

I’d love to know how you go with the printables and decorations too! So feel free to send me photos or tag me on Instagram with @little.wings.creative.

Are there any activities that you love to do with your kids during Ramadan that I haven’t mentioned? Share your ideas in the comments below so we can all benefit from each others suggestions!

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AYEINA / 18 May 2017 / Reply

Girl these are absolutely gorgeous and I totally agree on how it’s so different for kids in the Muslim majority country vs kids in the non-Muslim majority country!
P.S. I LOVE how you mentioned other brands as well ? baarakAllahu lak

Little Wings / 18 May 2017 / Reply

Yes, I wish it wasn’t different but unfortunately it is. Just means we need to do more to get them involved and have some fun with it!

Nur / 21 May 2017 / Reply

Thank you ?

Little Wings / 23 May 2017 / Reply

You’re most welcome Nur! Enjoy!

Farida / 23 May 2017 / Reply

Masha Allah.A job well done and Jazakiallahul khairan for the free ramadan ready kids will be of great help to me and my two girls.A great way to get them involved in the activities of the holy month.Thanks once again.

Little Wings / 23 May 2017 / Reply

Thanks so much for the lovely feedback Farida! I’m working on some more Ramadan activities so keep an eye out 😉

sarah / 26 May 2017 / Reply

رمضان مبارك

Little Wings / 26 May 2017 / Reply

Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family too!

Selima / 27 May 2017 / Reply

Thank you so much for this amazing read. The decorations were awesome and we had fun using them to make Ramadan more exciting for the kids. Keep up the great work!

Little Wings / 29 May 2017 / Reply

Thanks for the feedback! I’m thrilled you and the kids enjoyed the decorations 🙂

Kirsty / 27 May 2017 / Reply

Cherie absolutely love this downloadable pack, very modern and contemporary. Perfect starter pack for our most blessed month. Love it. And of course great read too xx

Little Wings / 29 May 2017 / Reply

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the read and the Ramadan Kid’s pack. Look forward to seeing what you do with the decorations!

Nurul / 30 May 2017 / Reply

Jazakallahu khairan katheera???

Little Wings / 1 June 2017 / Reply

My pleasure Nurul! Have fun 🙂

Ambreen / 4 June 2017 / Reply

May Allah give you Jaza for this you really put an affort into it. May I add one more thing we can ask the kids to make a list of things that you are thankful for. Thank you so much for making Ramadan more exciting for kids. One other thing I have been doing with my kids is the night before Eid I put the presents for doing good the Whole month when they wake up on Eid morning they thank Allah for the gifts.

Little Wings / 5 June 2017 / Reply

Thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion Ambreen! If you haven’t already, you can checkout my next blog post which is part 2 for this one. It has some more free printable Ramadan activities for children and one of them is an Alhumdulillah Poster 🙂

Michelle Fatima / 5 June 2017 / Reply

I really like your post and you are so right. I experience the same feelings. Christmas is always such a big thing and we have to compensate it for our children. If I have printed everything and put it up in the livingroom, I will tag you on insta InshaAllah. I live in Belgium by the way.

Little Wings / 13 June 2017 / Reply

Salam from Australia to Belgium 🙂

I’m so happy you found the printable items useful!

Sujana / 3 April 2018 / Reply

Salam sis, I’m trying to enter my email address here to Download the files but it’s not letting me. Is there a way to be sent this via email?

Ambreen / 13 April 2018 / Reply

Thank you

Michelle / 1 May 2018 / Reply

Jazakillah kheir for this awesome Ramadan pack and thank you for making is freely available! May Allah reward you immensely for all the children you inspire in this blessed month through your beautiful decorations! I will definitely be sharing this with my friends and family! Have a blessed Ramadan and may Allah accept from you and your family x

Little Wings / 3 May 2018 / Reply

Alhamdulillah, it’s truly my pleasure to be able to make the Ramadan pack available to everyone. Wishing you and your family a blessed Ramadan too! x

taza / 11 May 2018 / Reply

thx so so much

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